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On Help

"If you are willing to trust this process over a long enough period, you will begin to see something wondrous unfold in your life."

by Ken Russell

The universe is always more than willing to assist anyone at any stage who is wanting to grow toward his or her full beingness. The teaching may come in many forms; sometimes a person, sometimes a book or an experience, or perhaps an animal such as a dog (which is what happened with me).

The universe simply needs to feel the sincerity of your longing for growth, however hesitant or mixed with fear or greed it may be. The universe accepts the desire in any form and begins to assist you almost immediately. Please note that this help is to give you what you need rather than what you may want or believe you need. If you are willing to trust this process over a long enough period, you will begin to see something wondrous unfold in your life.

It is of the utmost importance that you keep in mind that it is the teaching itself and not its form that is important. Our tendency to become fascinated by the form or vehicle and distracted from the essential, is the cause of much human suffering, whether it be in relating to a mate or lover, or to a teacher or teaching.

In Zen there is a saying: "Look at where the finger is pointing, not at the finger." Don't emulate or attach undue importance to the life or manners of any particular teacher. Don't study the Buddha. Study what he was trying to convey to his students.

The same applies to me. Don't be concerned about me and my life. You are different. Your life situation is different. Your path is different. Trust that I am doing my best to take from what I have learned and experienced to point you in the direction that will help you fulfill yourself according to who you are.

There is no dogma, no theory, no expectation of what you should or should not be. The whole intent of my work is to free you to be yourself.

To be able to follow your own path you will have to evolve ways of learning how to move within and then how to integrate that with your outer life, how to be in the world but not of it, how to find nourishment and satisfaction while living in a civilization that is antagonistic to growth beyond childhood or adolescence, how to enjoy the magnificence of the world without getting caught in the neurosis of the human race.

It has been said that truth is a pathless land, indicating that there is no path already laid out for you, that you must create your own. The aim of my work is to teach and guide you through actual experience and practice so that you come to the point where you are your own pathfinder.

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